International Accreditations Committee

This committee has the task of facilitating international recognition/accreditation for the College of Medicine (CoM), Alfaisal University. We also explore and promote pathways for International recognition for medical graduates of Alfaisal University by fostering partnerships with external collaborators, creating pathways for international residency programs as well as developing mechanisms for preparing students for relevant international licensure examinations. This committee is responsible for maintaining communication of CoM Alfaisal University with various international organizations such as Educational Foundation for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and Avicenna WHO directory of medical schools.

Members of the committee

Dr Abiola Senok (Chair)

Dr Paul Ganguly

Dr Ronald De Meersman

Dr Ahmed Yaquinuddin

Dr Peter Cahusac

Dr Sabri Kemali
Margaret Ann K Kendall

Administrative support: Mr Wael Dahhan

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