Master in Biomedical Sciences (Infection Control Track)

The master's Program in Biomedical Sciences The Infection Control Track Alfaisal University in Collaboration with the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre.

Program Overview

The Infection Control Track of the Masters in Biomedical Science Program at the College of Medicine, Alfaisal University is a two-year full-time program designed to provide specialized and individualized training in the field of infection prevention and control. Students will receive training in advanced theoretical and practical aspects of infection prevention and control. Graduates from this program will be prepared to work as infection prevention specialists in healthcare settings at an advanced level. They will have achieved the competencies for developing and leading infection prevention programs in healthcare facilities. The curriculum designed for this program is in line with international standards and ensures that students will achieve important core competencies defined by international accreditation agencies for infection prevention specialists.

The scope of study will include:

    • Basic microbiology and infectious disease processes
    • Epidemiology, Surveillance and Monitoring
    • Environmental management
    • Patient care processes & evidence based infection control practices
    • Infection Control Program Design & Management
    • Leadership, Education and Research
    • Applications of new technology in infection control

The First Year Subject Courses:

During the first year of the course, 75% of the course content will be geared towards building the necessary theoretical foundations and to enable students begin the process of applying the concepts learnt, 25% of course content will be in the form of practical exercises. Courses will include

    • Basics of Microbiology
    • Epidemiology and Surveillance
    • Infection control program design
    • Environmental management
    • Patient care processes & evidence based infection control practices

The Second Year:

This will be heavily practical oriented with 75% of the contact time being allocated to hands-on experience in the healthcare setting. During this period, students will be expected to attain a number of core competencies under supervision and will develop a portfolio of attained competences which will be evaluated. In addition, students have the option of preparing and submitting a graduation project or thesis depending on their chosen track.

Potential Careers: Graduates from the program will be prepared infection preventionists in the healthcare setting. This track will go a long way in meeting the need for developing local expertise in infection control Saudi Arabia.
Students: Men and women, Saudi and non-Saudi, local and international
Support: Ministry of Higher Education (King Abdullah Scholarship Program) scholarships for Saudi nationals.

Duration: Two years (Typically 45 and a minimum of 42 credit hours)

    • Year 1: 27 credit hours
    • Year 2: 18 credit hours (thesis track) or 15 credit hours (non-thesis track)

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